The Bioethics Program is a collaboration of Union Graduate College and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine (http://bioethics.uniongraduatecollege.edu).

The Program provides competency-based education in clinical and research ethics for those who seek the skills, credentials and expertise demanded of bioethics professionals.

It offers two Masters of Science in Bioethics programs and three graduate-level certificate programs that are designed to meet the needs of professionals working in the fields of biomedical research, clinical medicine and health policy.

The two Masters programs — one in Clinical Ethics and one in Research Ethics — consist of 12 courses that are taught using a hybrid online-onsite approach. Nine courses are taught online via internationally recognized experts in bioethics. These online courses are complemented by three intensive onsite courses designed to teach students key practical hands-on skills that simply cannot be taught online. 

The three certificate programs — in Clinical Ethics, Research Ethics, and Health Law and Policy — are also taught using a hybrid approach.

The Bioethics Program is also the home of the NIH-sponsored Advanced Certificate Program in Research Ethics for Central and Eastern Europe (http://researchethicseurope.com). Offered in partnership with Vilnius University (Lithuania), this graduate-level certificate program trains students from low- and middle-income post-Communist nations in Eastern Europe and Central Asia to function as research ethicists and institutional leaders in their home countries and institutions.


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